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Why SSSTS Training is Worth It

by | Jan 1, 2022 | construction, SSSTS

There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to construction sites. For example, did you know that site supervisors make between £30,500 and £105,000 per annum?

Any job in the construction field is the art of applying scientific principles, experience, judgment, and common sense to complete projects that benefit clients. It’s a process of constructing structures to meet very specific needs within certain parameters.

And if you want to play a role with supervisory responsibilities, you’ll need to demonstrate a certain skillset. If you take a cursory look at CVs of successful construction supervisors, you’ll be able to narrow down common skills professionals in these positions possess; the CITB SSSTS certificate, being an important aspect of any CV.

How to Become a Site Construction Supervisor?

If you are interested in becoming a construction site supervisor, one of the first things to consider is the level of education required. The main requirement is completing the Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) qualification. Some employers may also require you to possess a gold CSCS card.

What is a SSSTS course?

SSSTS is an abbreviation for Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme. This course is designed for construction specialists looking to take a supervisory role within the construction industry.
To pass this course, learners will have to demonstrate an understanding of Health and Safety within the construction industry. This qualification won’t automatically lead to a Gold CSCS card(You will need to take an NVQ at level 3 or 4 in Construction Site Supervision). However, it does provide you with the foundational skills needed to take the next step to the role of a supervisor.
It is a two-day course with a multiple-choice exam at the end of it. Candidates shall be asked to present a toolbox talk; a presentation meant to highlight safety issues on site . Upon passing the exam, participants will receive a CITB SSSTS certificate that is valid for five years.

But is the SSSTS course worth It?

A quick look at the industry reveals that the SSSTS course is endorsed by several major entities including BUILDUK. BUILDUK is worth mentioning because it is composed of the largest construction companies in the UK, requiring all individuals in a supervisory role to demonstrate their competence for this role.
The successful completion of the SSSTS course is an effective way of demonstrating expertise.
The best part about the SSSTS course is that it only takes two days to complete. This is relatively quick and you do not need a long absence from work to complete the course successfully. You will also find that the qualification provides you with a completely new skill set or improves upon it.
Moreover, the course is perfect if you have been presented with a last-minute career advancement opportunity and need to quickly gain accreditation.

What is the Difference Between IOSH and SSSTS?

IOSH is a general course that focuses on all industries. It does not provide any specific safety guidelines compared to SSSTS courses. With that said, if your prospective employers require you to become a member of IOSH and complete specific IOSH courses for the construction industry, you may have to comply.IOSH is a general course that focuses on all industries. It does not provide any specific safety guidelines compared to SSSTS courses. With that said, if your prospective employers require you to become a member of IOSH and complete specific IOSH courses for the construction industry, you may have to comply.

The Course Content for SSSTS: What it Covers

As mentioned earlier, the SSSTS course is completed over the course of two days. It promotes crucial topics such as Health and Safety that supervisors will have to stay on top of. It also provides an understanding of the legal responsibilities of supervisors and covers issues, such as welfare and environmental problems involved in construction.
The SSSTS course will equip supervisors with the skills necessary to conduct a risk assessment and the skills to implement necessary control measures to keep workers safe on site.
It is recommended for participants to complete their SSSTS training before working towards their CSCS card.
Some of the contents include:

  • Legislation
  •  Preventing and controlling fire
  • Working at heights
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Manual handling
  • Reporting accidents
  •  Administering first aid

SSSTS Course vs. SMSTS Course

You have probably found several Health and Safety courses, and picking the right one will play a role in having the correct knowledge for the job role. One such course site managers often complete is the Site Management Safety Training (SMSTS).
It is very similar to the SSSTS course and has been accredited by the CITB. The course teaches managers about their liabilities and responsibilities in the areas of Health and Safety, as well as teaching them to apply the best safety practices on site using various tools such as risk assessments and effective communication.
SMSTS course isconducted either online or in a classroom setting over a five-day period. Candidates must pass a written examination to demonstrate their skills. They are also assessed for their individual and group practical work throughout the five days. Upon successful completion of the course, the candidatesreceive the CITB SMSTS certificate, an essential component of any site manager’s CV.
The SSSTS and SMSTS courses are very similar because they teach legislation and health as well as how it influences the role of site supervisors or managers. However, the SMSTS course is focused on the role of the manager and covers content that is not useful for site supervisors. Managers have an added responsibility because of their role, and as such, must demonstrate a sound understanding of health and safety legislation at a level higher than that of a site supervisor; this is why the SMSTS course lasts five5 days.
The SSSTS course content does teach candidates about Health and Safety law, but it focuses on how existing legislation affects procedures on a more practical level so that site supervisors can ensure safe working practices.

The Bottom Line: Should You Get the SSSTS Course?

If you want to stand out from other candidates the next time you apply for a new role in Construction Site Supervision, then consider gaining aSSSTS qualification! Not only does it look good on your CV, but, also demonstrates your practical knowledge of Construction Health and Safety at a Supervisory level.
It is worth noting that the SSSTS qualification has to be renewed every five years in order to remain valid.
Do you frequently search Google for terms such as “SSSTS course near me?” Check out our course booking page for future site supervisors who wish to attend our SSSTS course here. Book yourself on a course today.

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