We are a Pearson Vue approved Test Centre for the CITB HS& E test (‘CSCS tests’)

Welcome to your CITB OP/SPEC

1. What is the organisation ‘The Samaritans’?
2. How Can excessive noise levels affect your hearing? Give two answers.
3. Which one of the following surfaces is not likely to be fragile?
4. Which sign is categorised as a warning sign?
5. You need to lift a load that is not heavy, but it is so big that you cannot see in front of you. What should you do?
6. What is the most important reason for keeping your work area clean and tidy?
7. The seal of your respiratory protective equipment (RPE) can be broken by which two things?
8. What should be done if there is an oil or diesel spill on site?
9. Who must you report a serious accident to?
10. The risk of a materials handling vehicle (telehandler) overturning is increasing when?
11. Which two of the following are the best ways to reduce the risk of slips and trips for pedestrians? ( Pick two)
12. A worker with a full UK driving licence has been asked to move a machine they have never been trained on. What should the worker do?
13. On site, waste should be collected in what?
14. Which of the following do you not need to do to ensure that someone’s mask works?
15. Which type of accident kills the most construction workers?
16. What is the most important consideration when wearing respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
17. What is the fire assembly point?
18. Which of the following statements about gas leaking from a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder is true?
19. When you walk across the site, what is the best way to avoid an accident with mobile plant?
20. Someone working in a deep inspection chamber has collapsed. What should you do first?
21. Which of the following provides health and safety information about a hazardous substance?
22. You see a lorry parking and it has a flat tyre. Why should you tell the driver?
23. Which of these is the most accurate way to confirm the exact location of buried services?
24. What should you do if you are concerned about a colleague’s mental health?
25. Which one of the following surfaces is not likely to be fragile?
26. Why is it the employer’s legal responsibility to discuss matters of health and safety with employees?
27. Which one of the following statements about asbestos is true?
28. When selecting appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), what is the most important factor to be taken into account?
29. Reducing the risk of cuts and abrasions would require protection for what part of the body?
30. What should you do if you see the sides supports move when you are working in an excavation?


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