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NRSWA Street Work Courses

by | Oct 29, 2021 | construction, NRSWA Street Work

The NRSWA courses are designed to provide an understanding of the complex process of road construction, maintenance, and management. From the design phase, to the practical application on-site, you shall be able to see how everything fits together.

You shall also learn about all aspects of street works, including, street furniture installation and associated public realm treatments that can help make a city more attractive.

What is New Roads and Street Works Act?

The New Roads and Street Works Act is an act that Parliament passed in 1991. The Act created a statutory framework for public works on footways, highways, utility pipes, cables, and other apparatus.

There are two types of street works:

  1. Those carried out under section 1(1), which requires an order from the Secretary of State to be given before they can commence;
  2. Section 1(2), where there is no need for any order to be given before work commences.

What’s Included in these Courses?

The New Roads and Street Works Act is a law that requires anyone who operates machinery on public roads, to have 16 units of competence in NRSWA. Supervisors and Operatives must carry out their duties in line with the standards prescribed by an awarding body, current legislation, and applicable ACOPs. They are also commonly known as Street works training or NRSWA-trained supervisors.

Who Should Take These Courses?

The New Roads and Street Works Act Courses are designed for those that wish to work in the construction industry. It is an annual requirement that all employers must follow, so, it’s essential to be aware of the requirements before applying for a position.

These courses include information on identifying hazards related to street works and new roads and other safe practices to help you get ahead in your future career. The courses also include training modules on First Aid, Manual Handling, and Working at Height.

Benefits of NRSWA Courses

The main benefit of NRSWA courses is that, they provide a safety net for both the public and private sector ; this ensures that there is a guide to follow in order to stay within the law while simultaneously protecting themselves from any potential lawsuits or prosecution.

The courses also teach about working with utility companies that provide gas, water, and electricity if you’re going to be digging up their lines during your project. It will help you understand what these lines look like in real life, where they run along the road, and how best to avoid them when working near them. You’ll learn about who owns each utility line (i.e., whether an energy provider or water company owns it).

Final Word

New Roads and Street Works Act courses can help you understand the purpose of the NRSWA Act. It may be a good idea to enroll on these courses if you are responsible for roads, streets, sewers, or highways in your business/job role.

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