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What You Should Know About the SMSTS Course

by | Jan 14, 2022 | construction, SMSTS

The SMSTS course has been designed by the CITB (Construction Training Industry Board) as part of their overarching goal towards making the construction space safer and compliant with regulatory requirements.
The course is recognised in the construction industry and the United Kingdom Contractors Group (UKCG). Many employers require prospective site managers to book an SMSTS course.
It is also important to ensure the course is delivered by a CITB accredited training provider, and not just something you do on your own.
The SMSTS course has been designed to give site managers all the necessary understanding of health and safety legislation they need to manage a construction site within the margins of safety. The course outlines relevant safety legislation and provides advice on a site manager’s legal responsibilities and best practice approaches.

Why the SMSTS Course is Important

Over two million people work in the construction industry and there is a very high risk of accidents occurring at work. Some injuries can be life-changing or even fatal.
Health and Safety Executive (HSE) claims that nearly 74,000 workers in the construction industry have work-related health issues. There have been a total of 39 fatalities in 2020. This is in comparison to 36 fatal injuries for workers in 2016.
Based on said statistics, work-related injuries are very commonplace in the construction industry. This is why the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) designed a series of courses that provide key training for roles in the construction industry, specifically in the area of safety.
More importantly, the course covers legislation and compliance requirements from the government as they relate to health and safety.

Different Types of SMSTS Courses

Most Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) courses are very similar but may vary in some ways, especially duration. For the most part, participants will have to complete an intensive five-day-long training module. There are one-day and two-day SMSTS courses available too.
All courses end with an exam that the candidate has to pass in order to receive their Site Management Safety Training Scheme certificate. It is worth noting that the SMSTS certificate must be renewed every five years and the professional will have to demonstrate their knowledge by taking a refresher course.

Is the SMSTS Test Ideal For You?

The SMSTS course isn’t ideal for every professional within the construction sector. There are job roles designed for supervisors, project managers, and site managers. The courses are used by professionals to improve their credentials, skills, and knowledge to job prospects.
It isn’t uncommon for many candidates to enroll for the NEBOSH construction certificate upon receiving their SMSTS certificate.

Should You Take the SSSTS Course Instead?

You have probably also heard about the SSSTS course and are wondering if it is a better alternative for you. SSSTS is an abbreviation for Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme. It is a course that is designed for supervisors or anyone else who is hoping to take a supervisory role for the first time.
The classroom-based course lasts two days. It explains the importance of legal responsibilities, codes of practice, control measures, and health and safety policies to create a safe workplace environment. The course places particular importance on good communication to prevent accidents and improve efficiency.
SSSTS certificates are highly regarded in the construction industry but they are not as advanced as SMSTS courses. Most employers will require you to take the SMSTS course if you want to manage an entire construction workforce.
There are a few differences between the two qualifications, but let’s go over their similarities.
Both certificates require a refresher course upon the completion of five years. The refresher course grants another five years for professionals. The refresher SMSTS course is necessary because it covers the latest developments and issues in the construction industry, including recent changes in the law. The SSSTS course only requires candidates to demonstrate their understanding of health and safety.
The SSSTS course is aimed at improving the awareness and understanding of managers. On the other hand, SMSTS courses are more focused on regulations and legislations, especially as they relate to the practices highlighted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The courses are evaluated differently.

The SMSTS course is evaluated based on individual and group-based assignments as well as an examination. The SSSTS course only requires candidates to take an MCQ examination. Choosing between the two courses will require a bit of introspection. What are your aims and aspirations? DO you feel you are ready to take on the challenge of managing an entire construction workforce?
If the answer is yes, you should consider taking the SMSTS course. It goes without saying that the SSSTS course is relatively easier. But that shouldn’t be the deciding factor on what qualifications you choose.

Why You Should Take an SMSTS Course

There are several benefits of taking an SMSTS course. Here is the gist of it;

The course is designed for site managers

There are many health and safety courses out there, including IOSH, but they are not tailored for site managers. The SMSTS course gives you knowledge about common problems and risks that site managers have to cover.

It Looks Good on Your CV

Looking to stand out from the competition? Your CV will definitely improve if you complete an SMSTS course. Most construction businesses will require prospective employees to possess an SMSTS certificate. This means you may not be allowed to work on a site if you are not SMSTS certified.

It Only Takes Five Days

SMSTS courses only take five days to complete. This means you won’t have to take a long absence from work to attend the course. It should be noted that all courses are classroom-based.

Minimise Accidents

SMSTS courses empower site managers to make well-informed decisions to minimise safety incidents. Wrong decisions and affect the quality of life and even lead to life-changing injuries. You can reduce the chances of this happening by taking an SMSTS course.

Wrapping Up – Let EM Training Solutions provide you with SMSTS Courses you can trust

At EM Training Solutions we provide training to help you complete the Site Management Safety Scheme (SMSTS) course. If you want to keep up with legislation and industry practices, you should book an SMSTS course today.

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