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CPCS Slinger Signaller Course – A Brief Overview

by | Nov 17, 2021 | construction, CPCS A40

The CPCS Slinger Signaller course is an entry-level qualification that demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for employees to safely perform their work as a Slinger Signaller. A Slinger’s role is a Safety Critical one that involves working alongside the lifting teams to provide safe direction and supervision to the crane operators. Their main responsibility is to ensure the safety of the operators, and any other workers or site visitors that could be at risk.
The CPCS A40 course will give you the necessary certification that you need to operate as a slinger signaller on any site that requires this qualification. Why is the Slinger Signaller course so popular??
CPCS Slinger Signaller is a highly demanded CPCS course. CPCS stands for Construction Plant Competence Scheme and is the awarding body of choice for most of the major contractors ; other options exist but are currently not as popular because they may not be accepted on all sites, whereas, the CPCS qualifications is accepted on all UK sites. This is mainly because the training and testing regimes of CPCS courses is rigorous and is underpinned by a robust quality assurance regime.
Various industry-leading experts have developed the CPCS Slinger Signaller course to keep up with advanced construction equipment, such as mobile cranes, excavators, etc.
CPCS courses are also constantly updated to keep up with CPC operator card changes that have recently become more sophisticated and individualized.

How long does this course last?

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  2. Section 1(2), where there is no need for any order to be given before work commences.

What’s Included in these Courses?

The course typically lasts four days, which can be split across multiple weeks if needed. The first two days are classroom-only-learning before moving onto practical scenarios on the third day and then finishing with a theory (Verbally relayed )and practical exam on the fourth day.

Course Content

The CPCS Slinger Signaller Course is for anyone interested in Health and Safety, wants to start a career in the construction industry, or takes up a position as a Slinger Signaller. You will receive training that involves theory-based teaching covering all aspects of Health and Safety within a constructionenvironment.
The main element of this course is practical work, where you will experience working safely with lifting equipment such as cranes on building sites. On successful completion, you can seek employment as a Slinger Signaller (Trained operator-Red CPCS A40 card),; the Red CPCS ‘Trained Opearator’ card lasts for 2 years. You shall need to take a Level 2 Plant Opeartions NVQ to renew your Red CPCS Card and turn it into a Blue ‘Competent Operator’ CPCS card that lasts for 5 years. EM Training offers all these options.

Why should I take the CPCS A40 course?

The CPCS Slinger Signaller course allows participants with no CPCS card to complete the requirements to apply for their CPCS Slinger Signaller Card. This could be an ideal opportunity if you are looking for work or want to gain employment on sites that require the CPCS Slinger Signaller qualification.
The training will also ensure that upon completion, candidates are capable of supporting lifting teams in the execution of Safety critical lifting operations.Many employers now prefer that their hire staff achieve CPCS qualifications in order to have a common understanding of the types of equipment they may encounter on site. As a result, it has become very hard to find work in this field without your CPCS card. If you are looking to gain employment as a crane operator or driver, you need a CPCS.

Why choose EM Training Solutions for your CPCS Slinger Signaller course?

All the trainers at EM Training Solutions are certified by CPCS. Our trainers and testers have many years of experience in the construction industry specifically working in the lifting operations field ; they do actually have real ‘muddy boots’ experience ! This will ensure that students receive training that meets current demands.
For more information about our training courses, including prices and availability, please visit our website CPCS A40A Slinger Signaller page at or pick up the phone for expert advice today on 020 3150 1299.

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