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CPCS A62 Crane Supervisor Course

Details about CPCS A62 Crane Supervisor Course

CPCS, short for Construction Plant Competence Scheme, refers to a card scheme developed to prove that plant operators in the construction industry are trained and skilled for the work they are hired to do.

The participants of CPCS Courses get a red CPCS card after completing the technical training. This card is valid for two years. After receiving the red card, they must gain a blue card by completing a national vocational certification in their field. Blue cards are valid for five years, after which they have to be renewed.

What is the CPCS A62 Crane Supervisor Course?

CPCS A62 is a category of courses under the Construction Plant Competence that trains people to supervise lifting operations on construction sites.

This course provides both theoretical and practical training. It teaches supervisors how to ensure legal compliance and the health and safety of everyone affected by their conduct.

What Are the Prerequisites of CPCS A62?

The stipulations stated in BS7121 Safe Use of Cranes require you to have some experience in handling cranes to take this course.

Candidates must have passed the Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) test for Specialist Supervisors within the last two years. Those who receive an invalid test must retake it before attending the CPCS A62 Crane Supervisor course.

What Do You Learn in CPCS A62?

Crane Supervisor Course trains a person in every aspect of lifting operations.

  •  Roles and Responsibilities

This course educates participants about the roles and responsibilities of a lifting supervisor on a construction site. Moreover, it teaches them the difference between the role of a crane supervisor and an appointed person. Participants learn how to undertake personal responsibility in different situations.

  • Legal Rules and Regulations

 This is one of the main parts of the course. Every plant operator must know the laws and regulations regarding machine handling and other types of conduct on a construction site.The course also covers how to observe the British Standards in 7121.

  • All about Cranes

To handle and supervise a machine effectively, a person needs to be aware of every single part. This areaof the course focuses on the technical knowledge about cranes, including crane appreciation, types, constraints, capabilities, and related terminologies. Moreover, it also teaches about the documentation process of a crane. Other crane-related topics are crane stability and duty charts. The most important part here is the knowledge of maintenance, inspection, and examination of lifting equipment.

  • Safety Hazards and Practices

The actions of one employee have a significant impact on several others working on the site. Therefore, this course tells people what kind of hazards are present as part of the job and how they can face them.

  • Other Topics

Lifting jobs also require employees to be good and proficient at communication while planning and executing the lifting operation.

How are the Participants Assessed?

The training course duration is 4 days, during which a mixture of classroom lectures and practical exercises are used to help participants. On the fourth day, their learning is evaluated through CPCS technical tests. The participants who pass are given the red card, demonstrating that they have the core knowledge and skills required in a workplace.

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