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CPCS A31 Ride-On Roller Course


If you’re interested in a career in construction and mobile plant operation, the CPCS A31 Ride-On Roller Course is a key step in your journey to success. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of this training program, its significance, and the benefits it can bring to your career. 

Understanding CPCS A31 Ride-On Roller Course 

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) offers industry-recognised certification for various construction machinery. The A31 Ride-On Roller Course focuses on providing you with the skills and knowledge required to operate ride-on roller plant competently. 

On our A31 Ride-On Roller Course, you shall have a mix of classroom-based training for the Theory part of your training; practical training on how to operate a Ride-on-roller shall cover you for your practical CPCS test.  

Upon completion of your training, you shall take both a theory (verbally relayed) & a practical test (driving a dumper on a prescribed course).  

Upon passing your CPCS Ride-on-roller tests, a CPCS Trained Operator card (Red), valid for 2 years, shall be automatically generated.  

You shall need to complete a work-based Level 2 NVQ (Plant Operations) to change your Red  
CPCS Trained Operator card into a five-year (Blue) competent operator card.  

It is common practice for most people to book both the CPCS Dumper & Ride-on-Roller courses; most employers are looking to employ operatives that possess the two tickets. 

What You’ll Learn 

Throughout the course, you’ll cover essential topics such as: 

  1. Machine Familiarisation: Gain an in-depth understanding of Ride-on-rollers including conduction pre-use checks. 
  1. Machine Operation: Master the art of operating ride-on roller machinery with precision and control. 
  1. Safety Procedures: Understand and implement safety protocols to ensure a secure work environment. 
  1. Machine Maintenance: Learn the importance of regular maintenance and inspection to keep the roller machinery in optimal condition. 
  1. Site Navigation: Develop the skills to navigate construction sites and handle various terrains effectively. 

Benefits of CPCS A31 Ride-On Roller Certification 

Earning your CPCS Roller Certification (A31) offers several advantages: 

  • Enhanced Employability: Many construction companies seek CPCS-certified operators, making you a preferred candidate. 
  • Safety Expertise: Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by working safely and responsibly. 
  • Skill Advancement: Gain the expertise to operate ride-on roller machinery with confidence and efficiency. 
  • Career Opportunities: Open doors to higher-paying positions and career progression in the construction industry. 

In conclusion, the CPCS A31 Ride-On Roller Course is an excellent investment in your construction career. Whether you’re starting your journey or seeking to improve your existing skills, this certification can significantly enhance your prospects in the construction industry. Don’t miss the chance to become a proficient ride-on roller operator. 

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