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All You Need to Know About the CSCS Mock Test + our FREE mock test

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There are eleven types of CSCS cards. Each card represents a different section of the construction industry, level of experience, and skill. There’s also one for visitors.

It is important for applicants to be aware of the different colours of cards and their requirements.

Types of CSCS Card

The different CSCS cards are differentiated by their colour code. Red and Green denote the least amount of qualification or experience. Red and Green CSCS cards prove that a person has satisfied the minimal requirements for experience and qualifications.

Red CSCS Cards demonstrate that employees have completed a CSCS Test but have not yet received the qualification they need to be considered a skilled worker – or that they require more hours on the job to be considered experienced (this mostly applies to graduates who possess recognised qualifications but don’t have much experience).

As the level of experience and qualifications increase, your CSCS card also changes its colour to reflect that, upgrading through Blue, Gold, and finally Black. White and Yellow cards are used by Professionally Qualified Persons (such as surveyors) who require access to construction sites. Yellow Cards are for visitors and show that they have satisfied the minimum requirements of a CSCS test.

The Experience and Qualification That Your CSCS Card Denotes

The CSCS card demonstrates your proof of competence, knowledge, and safety in your area. SVQs and NVQs are standard measurements of competence that are used to track progress through the CSCS card hierarchy. For example, managers must possess an SVQ Level 4 or higher to gain the Black Manager’s Card.

There are many senior-level managers in the construction industry who don’t have qualifications but gained their roles through knowledge and experience. The CSCS Card scheme takes this into account. Managers with no qualification can obtain a Black Card through the Experienced Manager Card or through the Profiles route for competent managers.

How to Obtain Your CSCS Card?

The fastest way to obtain your CSCS card is to sign up for a course here.

But before you do that, we recommend completing a CSCS mock test to gauge how far you’ve come along. If your score isn’t as high as you would like it to be, we recommend taking courses that are required for the CSCS these include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Fire prevention
  • Noise and vibration
  • Working with electricity
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Working in confined spaces

At EM Training Solutions, we offer CSCS Mock tests that will increase your likelihood of passing your CSCS test.

What is a CSCS Card Mock Test?

The best way to pass the CSCS test is to take a CSCS mock test for operatives designed with 50 questions. This will help you practice and prepare for your real test in 2021. The real test must be completed in 45 minutes and you are required to complete 50 MCQs to show that you have a good working knowledge of various health and safety topics before you can pass your test and apply for your CSCS card.

Why is a CSCS Mock Test Key to Your CSCS Revision?

The majority of the questions in the real test will require a single answer, but there are a few questions that may require multiple answers. If this means that if questions require two answers, you’ll have to choose both correct answers before you can get a full point for that question.

In keeping with this format, we’ve added questions that test your level of knowledge and understandings so you can get the full experience when attempting our CSCS mock test. The tests also serve as a quick CSCS revision.

There are no time limits to answer the mock questions. So take your time to refresh your knowledge when taking the CITB mock test.

How Can I Book My CSCS Test?

If you’re ready to book your CSCS test, simply hop on over to our CSCS information page here and choose the option that works just for you. We are a CITB accredited test centre for the delivery of CITB and CSCS tests and offer a wide range of services to suit your needs. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff members for additional guidance.

Before booking your test, make sure to Take our free CSCS mock test today and test your knowledge.

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